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Sourcing your holiday property mortgage

The "normal" options

Direct to lender

  • Multiple lenders, multiple forms
  • Confusion when explaining holiday let performance
  • Rejection resulting from mistakes
  • You will have to manage and chase the whole process manually
  • No specialist holiday letting support

Use a Regular Broker

  • Lack of specific holiday letting knowledge introduces risk
  • Confusion around the cottage performance verification process
  • Often face to face and manual in nature
  • Possible fee and charges
  • No specialist holiday letting support

or, the smartER way ...

One, simple and intuitive online form. Saved at every step

Expert understanding of the holiday letting process means lenders get it first time

Fully managed process and pushed along with regular updates via email and SMS

Completely free of charge, as we get paid by the lenders directly

How it works

Fast and intuitive

Create an account

Easy to use

Complete the form

Hassle free

Let us do the work

Why us

It's a fair question. Why not just call your local mortgage broker?

Holiday letting is not very well understood by general advisers. Without this specialist knowledge, mortgages can get bogged down between lenders and brokers, with both parties getting confused over key metrics like occupancy rate and rental income patterns.

Holiday Cottage Mortgages was created from scratch by leading holiday let experts who fully understand the holiday let market and all its processes and metrics. With your mortgage application in our hands, you can rest assured that the best people are working for you to get the job done quickly and accurately.

Our unique specialism means deep understanding of key holiday let affordability tests. We know how to maximise the chances of success.
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We would be thrilled to hear about your holiday let mortgage requirements. Please get in touch with us below: