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Learn how to get the most from our system by reading our Starter GuideFAQ and Information Checklist or get insider insight from holiday let experts by clicking on one of our articles below, or by visiting our Help and Advice centre.

Here at Holiday Cottage Mortgages, we think getting a mortgage for your holiday let should be easy and transparent. That’s why we put together a platform that could help the process move much more smoothly for customers, minimise paperwork and give people the best chance of success from their application.

We are holiday letting experts with experience working in the industry, and so we know the challenges of the mortgage process for new holiday lets across the UK. We can help you manoeuvre across the bumps that appear along the way whether you’re a cottage in the highlands of Scotland, house on the coast of Wales or a holiday home tucked in a beautiful village in England.

That leaves you to focus on what you want to do: running a successful holiday let business and filling it with happy holidaymakers!

"Holiday Cottage Mortgages blends niche mortgage skills with holiday letting experience to offer a genuinely unique solution to existing and soon-to-be holiday let owners."