Reasons To Go On Holiday In The UK

A few years ago if you were looking to book a holiday, whether that be a romantic getaway, family trip or city break, you probably would have thought in the first instance – or at the least, dreamed – about going abroad. In the current climate, this has all changed. Yes, holidays abroad remain a popular option, especially for those who have the time and money to fly to sunnier climes without a second thought. However, we’ve seen a huge shift in the popularity of UK staycations; it seems as though now, after Brexit uncertainty and pandemic disruptions, that people have discovered how brilliant a holiday in the UK can be… and there’s no going back!

While a UK holiday doesn’t guarantee sunshine, there are plenty of reasons to book a holiday on home soil, and here are just a few…

Spoilt for choice

We could write an entire article about our country’s abundance of stunning settings to visit; beautiful beaches, quaint country villages, rolling hills and historic cities, we’ve got it all! Not only are you spoilt for choice for holiday destinations, but landmarks and attractions, too. From National Trust properties and castles that have housed royalty, to wildlife parks and world-famous museums, there’s something for everyone.

Lap of luxury

You might be happy with a cheap and cheerful holiday, but if you want to really treat yourself, don’t assume that going abroad is the only option. As the UK holiday letting market has grown, guest expectations have risen to the point where holiday homes really do offer the wow factor.

We’re not talking about bog-standard holiday homes – think cosy Cotswold cottages complete with log fires, beachside villas with panoramic ocean views, swish apartments in the heart of the city. Not only will you be able to find luxurious properties, but you can also expect your host to go above and beyond to ensure a wonderful stay, with welcome hampers and deluxe amentities now the norm.

Cost cutting

While it’s easy to indulge and book a pricey property for your holiday, there’s also the option to save your pennies with a UK holiday. Think of what you’ll save on flights, ferries, airport transfers, travel money fees, and so on. This gives you the option of either spending less money in total or, if you have a budget, you’ll have more funds to spend on accommodation, food and holiday activities!

The easy option

As staycations can be cheaper, so too are they far less hassle – no jet lag, no need for days of travel (or if you do, it’s easier to break up), less stress with packing because you know that you’ll be able to buy familiar products, no lengthy airport queues, the list goes on. This is especially true for people travelling with babies and children – you don’t have to panic about tantrums on airplanes, bad sleep due to time difference, or packing half the kitchen with their favourite foods.

Less risk!    

It’s not something that we enjoy seeing, but it’s true that post-pandemic, holidays abroad suddenly pose a much greater risk. While we’re (hopefully) through the worst of it, there’s still the fear of new restrictions being put in place, not to mention to possibility of catching Covid before or during your holiday which would clearly cause big problems.

Aside from these immediate issues, we’re also seeing hikes in insurance prices and there have been delays in getting a new passport because of the unprecedented demand. It makes sense that, even for those longing for a trip abroad, it might just be too much hassle in the current climate.

So, what does this mean for the holiday letting industry?

If you’re thinking about buying a holiday home, it’s a good time to do so! Similarly if you’re about to begin your search for a UK holiday, you’ll be spoilt for choice – your main problem will be deciding where to stay.

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